Pallative Care Resources

 General information about palliative care

For professionals

Primary Palliative Care Guidelines 2nd Edition 2014

Officially launched in 2010, and recently revised in 2014, these Guidelines are designed to support those who care for a palliative patient as part of their normal practice. This Second Edition of the Guidelines, provides easy flow-charts to guide decision making.

To download a copy please click here.

A Guide for Carers

Hospice NZ has published this guide which can be downloaded via the following link:

Links & other websites

Dying2Learn about Palliative Care? 

Dying2Learnis a FREE Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that runs for five weeks. Anyone can sign up for the 2018 edition of the course, which starts 28 May.  The course was developed by Care Search, an Australia-based ‘palliative care knowledge network.’ It is designed for the general public and directed at Australians, but is open to anyone. The goal is to build community awareness and foster social discussion about death and dying.

Te Arai Research Group, Auckland

To listen to the recent podcasts from this group please click the link below. for videos on palliative care issues for advice, discussion groups and support

Useful mindfulness websites and Apps


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