Volunteering at North Haven Hospice


'We can only imagine a hospice world with you - not one without’.

Volunteers at hospice make a big difference and are of our community representing our vision, translating it into action. 'Excellence', a hospice value, starts with the right people joining our volunteer workforce and is then seen in the recruitment experience, on-the-job training, through education opportunities and how we respect and care for each other. Volunteers help us to develop our vision, bringing a new viewpoint that in the past enriched our beginning as it now enriches our future.

We work closely with Volunteering Northland where we place all our vacancies. For more information please visit:


You could volunteer too...

If you are keen to volunteer with us then please check the available positions by clicking here.    Are you keen to apply for a position ?  Then please download, complete the following and return to us:

Would you like us to send the forms to you ?

Please phone or email Jane Scripps, Manager Volunteer Services or ph: 09 437 3355. 

 Volunteer Newsletters

Spring 2017

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Autumn 2017

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