Compassionate Communities

Caring for the dying and bereaved is everyone's business

Compassionate communities refers to a public health approach to end of life care whereby death and dying is seen not just as a medical issue, but a social issue. It aims to enable all of us to live and well within our communities to the very end of our lives.


Think about it

    • End of life and bereavement care is a normal part of society

    • Good end of life care involves us all

    • Everyone has a role to play


Talk about it

    • Have conversations about death and dying
    • Plan ahead
    • Be creative in breaking down barriers


Act on it

    • Support each other in times of crisis and loss
    • Build partnerships between communities and services
    • Start with what is already happening in communities

What does "compassionate" mean to you ?   

 Compassionate communities are at work everyday and there are many stories to tell.

Click here if you would like to read some short stories from our community,

Perhaps you have your own stories to share with others ? 

What’s happening about Compassionate Communities?


This is a relatively new concept in New Zealand.

North Haven Hospice is a champion of Compassionate Communities in our area.

Our Vision is to to help grow “compassionate communities that work together supporting people to live and die well”.


Milford Care Centre, Ireland, has been championing Compassionate Communities for a number of years. You can find more information and also read about ‘Bills Story’ and a Good Neighbour Project’ by visiting their website:

For some practical examples of community efforts in Canada visit:

Groundswell Australia describes what is happening in Australia. Their mission goes to the heart of what a compassionate community is about:

”We want to live in a world where every person, every family and every community knows what to do when someone is dying or grieving”.