Leave a Legacy

 Our future

Being able to ensure the professional service we currently provide will remain free for future generations, means we are indebted to those who choose to support us well beyond today.


A 'bequest' is a gift to charity which is left in a Will. Bequests are given in a variety of different ways - from a specific sum of money, a percentage of an estate or the residue of an estate.

Bequests which are made to North Haven Hospice are mostly lodged in our Endowment Fund, which is administered by the North Haven Endowment Trust. This way, the principal sum of a bequest remains useful for many years to come and the interest is used to help in areas of specific need.


For more information about leaving a bequest to North Haven please download:

Leaving a Bequest to North Haven Hospice - FAQ's

If you would like to talk with us further please contact Briar White, Donor Relationship Coordinator, or call us 09 437 3355.