Our Care

 Patient and family care 

Palliative care at North Haven is centred on understanding and helping patients, their families and whanau, to cope with any physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural needs or concerns arising from their life-limiting illness. A wide range of other health providers assist the hospice team to deliver comprehensive specialist care, regardless of where a patient is based - in a private home, other care facility, in hospital or the In Patient Unit at Hospice. 

Patients of all ages with conditions such as: cancer, heart failure, motor neurone disease, emphysema, and multiple sclerosis can access and benefit from the services we provide.

Our specialist care team works in partnership with the patient and their family, to provide the necessary care and, enabling a patient to have the best quality of life possible. Sometimes the involvement is short (1or 2 contacts) and for others there is an ongoing relationship over many months. It depends on what is needed.

If a patient is being cared for in their own home by their family and carers, other necessary support will be provided by our doctors, nurses and social support team, district nurses and other health professionals.

Our goal is to support patients to live as well as possible for however long that may be, and to allow death to occur naturally, with comfort and dignity.

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 Family Support

Every aspect of a person's life can be affected by a serious illness. This often causes additional stress and challenges in their everyday lives and those of their families/whanau and carers.

We have a committed team who work together to support patients, their families/whanau and carers.

Our Family Support team includes a social worker, chaplain and counsellors; who can help with:

  • emotions/feelings
  • spiritual care
  • adjustment to changing situations and expectations
  • psychological distress
  • social support