We need your support!


We need your support to keep doing what we do.  Our specialist care and support is free of charge but it is expensive to provide.

We are a community charity and only partly Government-funded.

We need to raise $8,000 a day, approximately $58,000 a week and $3 million each year to keep providing our services at no cost.

There are a range of ways to donate, and amounts can be as small or as large as you want them to be.  You can donate just once, set up an automatic donation every week or month or leave us something in your will.  You might also like to try creating a fundraising event with donations to North Haven Hospice.

All donations stay in our area which includes the Whangārei District and south-east of Kaipara District.  This keeps our care and support accessible for local people in Northland.

Donations over $5 to North Haven Hospice are eligible for tax rebates.  Our Charities Register number is CC 25574.


Ways you can donate:


Make a payment direct to our bank account

You can make a one-off donation or set up regular donations to suit you each week, fortnight, month, quarter, or even yearly.

North Haven Hospice Society Inc. | 12-3101-0024670-00

Particulars: DONATE    Code: DONOR NUMBER (optional)       Reference: YOUR SURNAME

If you don’t have an existing donor number and would like a receipt, please contact us on 09 437 3355 or email admin@northhavenhospice.org.nz .



Online through Paypal.

To donate through PayPal please click here. You can donate using any Credit Card or Debit Card and you don’t need a PayPal account.


Online through Givealittle.

To donate online please click here to make a donation on our Givealittle page. You can donate using a Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Givealittle Wallet or Givealittle Voucher.

Visit North Haven Hospice in person

If you are uncomfortable with online financial transactions or simply wish to make a donation in person, we would be happy to welcome you at North Haven Hospice, 24A Takahe Street, Tikipunga, Whangārei.  Our reception is open weekdays, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

You can make a donation in person by cash, or eft-pos, or complete a “Regular Giving” form.  Regular Giving allows you to spread your donation over time either direct from your bank account or from your debit or credit card.


Leave something in your will

When you make a will, you are arranging some security for future generations. Making a will is an act of generosity and investment into the future – a legacy.  Leaving a donation in your will to a charity is called a bequest.

Including a bequest to North Haven Hospice in your will helps invest in the future of North Haven Hospice and the future services able to be provided to our communities.  This is something you can arrange with your lawyer and choose to let us know or not.  It doesn’t have to be a big amount and it means you can make a contribution without affecting your cash flow and investments now.

For more information talk in confidence with Lyn Cheyne, Director of Marketing and Fundraising, on 09 437 3355 or email lync@northhavenhospice.org.nz

Payroll Giving

Making a donation through your wages or salary can be a convenient way to support North Haven Hospice now and into the future.  Immediate tax credits are available through this form of donation unlike other donations where the tax credit is claimed at the end of the year.

If you are an employer wanting to introduce this or an employee wanting to know more, please contact our fundraising team during the week on 09 437 3355 or email fundraising@northhavenhospice.org.nz .

We would be delighted to come and talk with you about how Payroll Giving works

Funeral Collections

When a family member has asked that donations be made to North Haven Hospice at their funeral, we can help you to do this. We have collection buckets and envelopes available. Please contact our team at fundraising@northhavenhospice.org.nz or 09 437 3355.