Why your help matters


We are a community charity and want to keep our services free of charge.

We are only partially funded by the government through Te Whatu Ora.  The amount we’re funded is only about half of what we need each year.

It currently costs about $2 million per year to provide the specialist palliative care services for local people living with a life-limiting condition or terminal illness in our communities. As a result, we need to raise approximately $50,000 every week, just over $7,000 every day!

We manage this by fundraising, event contributions, donations and bequests.  We also apply for grants we are eligible for and receive the proceeds from the North Haven shops in Whangārei and Waipu.

Every dollar we raise in our community, stays in our community.

Volunteering with North Haven.


North Haven Hospice was established by volunteers over 35 years ago and has been supported by volunteers ever since.  We simply could not provide North Haven care to people, their families and whānau without our volunteers.


What can I do?

You’d be surprised at the range of things our volunteers do and can offer to support North Haven! We have some regular volunteer tasks and roles you may be interested in, and you can find more detail by clicking on the options below.

Some provide direct support to people in our care and their families and whānau.  Some work at the North Haven Hospice shop either processing incoming donations of goods or on the shop floor and counters.  Some work at our Tikipunga In-Patient Unit (IPU) and others are out in the community.  Whatever you think might suit you, full training is provided with ongoing support and development.

If you have skills or experience in something that isn’t shown below, let us know anyway – we may have a project going on you could help with.

Opportunities to volunteer can be during the day, the evening, on weekdays and on weekends – it just depends on what is likely to work for you.

North Haven truly appreciates any time you can contribute on a regular basis or for a specific event and knows this will need to fit in with your personal life and other commitments.   

To register your interest or find out more, please contact our Volunteering Services team on 09 437 3355 (weekdays) or volunteer@northhavenhospice.org.nz


Volunteering FAQ’s.


What training will I need to do?

It depends on the role you are interested in.  All training (including resources) will be provided by our volunteer leaders and Volunteer Services Coordinator, Toni Wilkinson.

What is the time commitment?

Once you have completed the required training, the time commitment is what you are able and prepared to give.  We appreciate your contribution and will fit around you where we can.

What if I can only volunteer after work or at the weekend?

We have some flexibility depending on the volunteer role.

Our In-Patient Unit (IPU) runs 365 days of the year and shifts here are from 8:00 am to midday, midday to 4:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. We can be flexible with start times if you coming to help after work or study.  If everything the volunteer is required to do has been completed and the IPU is quiet, the volunteer usually goes home early.

Community Support, Life Reflections biographies, and Nurturing Touch therapeutic massage can be provided during the weekend and depends on volunteer availability.

Do you provide work references?

Yes, we can provide a work reference after a minimum of three months volunteering on a regular basis to show consistent and reliable support.

Will volunteering affect my benefit?

No, not necessarily. Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills while helping your community.  It can keep you connected socially and possibly assist you in finding paid employment.  For example, 95% of our health care assistants have come from our volunteer workforce and 5% of nurses started out as volunteers.  People from all walks of life have used volunteering as a step to finding their first or a new job.

What if I have a disability?

Many people with disabilities volunteer. We simply ask if you can carry out the work required for the role.  Some of our existing volunteers have visual or hearing impairments, mental health challenges, and intellectual disabilities.

What if I have a police record?

It may not be an issue.  We look at all applications on a person by person basis.  NZ Police vetting needs to be done for every prospective patient support volunteer and for every prospective Hospice Shop volunteer.

What if I am on a visa?

There is a myth that volunteering can affect visa and refugee applications. We have investigated and been advised that volunteering does not affect application status.