When Kara Hosznyak accepted a dare to style her hair as a pineapple she decided it could also inspire fundraising donations for a charity close to her heart – North Haven Hospice.

“I’m pretty free-spirited so probably would have done it anyway, for fun; but I thought if I am going to have pineapple hair, I’d like to also use it to support a good cause doing important work in our community,” she said.

Kara set up a Givealittle online fundraising page, titled Pineapple Do, and raised $910 worth of public donations for North Haven Hospice.

“I thought back fondly of the help from Hospice that we had for my grandad who passed in May.”

While her grandfather Donald Britton was in Hospice care for only a short time, Kara said the support was invaluable to her family.

“I didn’t know much about Hospice services until that first-hand experience. I thought people always went to the Hospice building, not realising that patients are cared for in their homes. Grandad also wished to pass at home, and Hospice made it happen.”

Kara, who co-owns Whangarei café Hello Pickle, said customers especially loved her temporary tropical look.

“I’m not obsessed with pineapples, but my wife Laura is. So, it’s a theme that’s reoccurred throughout our relationship and now business, with pineapple wallpaper on one of the walls. We didn’t think masses of pickles pictured was the way to go, although there is one there. A spot the pickle!”

Kara said the tropical hair style notion started via a social media post in which she was tagged by a friend “double-daring” her to do it. “So I can’t claim originality, as someone out there has done it before.”

Kara’s pineapple hair style was created by her friend Vincent, a barber who was more than happy to take on the challenge.

“This was the most colour in my hair I’ve ever had. I’m not that adventurous with hair dos, but this was a lot of fun. It was quirky and went down a treat, and I was pleased with how positive people’s reactions were.”

Kara Hosznyak with her tropical hairstyle.

Kara Hosznyak with her tropical hairstyle.